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Talking to solve increasingly large molds and parts to bring trouble

Experts said that China's comparative advantage in the international mold mold market still exists, the domestic market is also expected to continue to be optimistic mold , metal mold industry development trend presents . Which are increasingly large metal mold , which is one of the biggest trends in the future. Why is this ?

First, this is due to the high production efficiency requires the decision. In order to improve production efficiency and developed " a multi-cavity mold " technology is more widely used to wait . Obviously , the same molding process can produce a plurality of products, but naturally doubled production efficiency . And another reason is also increasingly large parts , but also a direct result of this large-scale mold must

With the increasingly large molds and parts , we are troubled by how large molds and parts to meet the increasingly high surface accuracy requirements ? How to extend the life of these large molds and components , while also taking into account the wear- , anti-corrosion , high hardness and so comprehensive requirements ?

According to Chang Jie Technology Co., metal surface treatment to engineer Zhao Chuan said that in order to solve increasingly large molds and parts brought these problems, in fact, we should note that from the beginning of the design and materials. And many people ignore these large molds and components in the manufacturing of the final steps - surface treatment. In fact, part of the surface treatment , if we can choose a qualified service provider electroplating , electroless plating to choose the right kind , then , wear large molds and parts , corrosion resistant , high hardness and other properties are easily met .

Zhao Yu-chuan engineer said that the current -chang on large molds and parts for the successful development of the electroless nickel plating , can extend the life of large molds and parts , reduce failure rates , increase productivity , making stable product quality, the final enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Now Jay Chang electroless nickel plus maximum capacity: size is 2900 × 1100 × 900mm, weighs 2-3 tons , already fully meet the production needs of most customers .