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With the domestic machine tool industry mold industry a comprehensive restructuring

  With a comprehensive restructuring of domestic mold industry, machine tool industry, and also upgrade the technological innovation, but also an active pioneer in accordance with the market. In the same field in competition with international competitors, China's mold industry give full play to its own advantages, and strive to occupy a place in the international market.
  Currently international competitive advantage of China's mold industry is mainly composed of the following:
 1, low labor costs and raw material prices, which is much needed cost savings in the current international environment, making China become the focus of concern;
  2, the gradual improvement of the infrastructure for the growing market demand to provide possible;
  3、World casting mold industry center towards the universal application of the transfer and e-commerce are also great opportunities to China's mold industry has brought tremendous opportunities;
  4、The great support of relevant national policies should not be ignored。
 In addition, to maintain the advantages of China's mold industry, to better improve international competitiveness, but also from the following:
  Improve the international competitiveness of China's mold industry responses: focus on the development of mold professionals to improve the quality of employees die; accelerate the development of supporting industries related technical content, improve the added value of the mold; optimize the product structure of China's mold industry structure; promote independent innovation, implementation of the regional brand strategy; development of industrial clusters, creating mold industry chain; give full play to the role of government guidance support.