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Do die mold recycling recycling economy development

  Mold used in the process will be gradual loss, when used up to a certain mold life, can no longer be produced. Our country is mold-producing countries, but also the use of power. Annually must produce a lot of waste of mold, which requires to have a comprehensive recycling program dies, molds do recovery work. After the mold scrap recycling, smelting and processing can be carried out again, so that the mold can be used to change waste into treasure, it is a way of recycling use of resources.
  Mold enterprises to eliminate the use of waste destined for recycling mold, and then shipped to smelters recycle bin, to re-cast as a new material, or re-used to produce molds or other products used for processing, and back and forth through this production, not only solve the problem of waste treatment mold molds using enterprises, but also the development of recycling economy mold.